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Sep 2015

Crush News

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We would like to announce to our new members from Crush that we are so glad to have you all ! Everyone is more than welcome to use the facility, just present your crush key card at the front desk. This is all happening very fast, but we are doing everything we can to ensure a smooth transition in this joining of both clubs. Any further questions contact Brendan at our email fivestarfitnessjoliet@gmail.com.


Aug 2015

Welcome to Five Star Fitness!

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Jan 2015

November Membership offer!

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At Five Star Fitness we are striving to make 2015 the best year for the health and fitness for you and your family!


Our simple, no strings attached Month-to-Month membership includes-

$0 enrollment fee

$0 cancellation fee

Complimentary child care

Complimentary 1-hr person training session

Over 60 group fitness classes per week (The most in Will county!)

Full access to our entire 35,000 sq ft fitness facility

Schedule your tour today (815)439-9900

Five Star Fitness want to be your 1st choice for all your fitness needs. With our 35,000sq ft. facility, certified personal trainers, highly trained staff, and stress free workout environment. We have dedicated 20 years in servicing our community for all your fitness needs, we would like to invite you to schedule your custom tour by filling out our MEMBERSHIP INQUIRY FORM. If you have any questions or concerns after filling out the inquiry form, feel free to send an email to fivestarjoliet@live.com or call 815-439-9900.